I have been doing the work every single day without missing a day. However, I have fallen behind with posting online.

These posts are for Tuesday July 14 through Saturday July 18. For each of these days I did 30 minutes of work consisting of different combinations of meditation, breath work (pranayama) and yoga asanas with deep concentration of coordinating body movements and breath. I am a little fuzzy on some of the details for each day because I am so far behind with posting. I did do 30 minutes every day. This is my best recollection of the details ofr each day.

Day 14: 

Tired from work. Set meditation timer for 20 minutes. Started off counting breaths and then mindfulness meditation. 10 minutes of yoga asanas paying attention to my breath.

Day 15:

Got home late from a concert.

15 minutes of yoga asanas coordinating breath with movement, 10 minutes of mindfulness meditation, 5 minutes of pranayama.

Day 16:

15 minutes yoga asanas coordinating breath and movement and 15 minutes mindfulness meditation.

Day 17:

Went to a very meditative dance and then to a party. I still managed to do 10 minutes of mindfulness meditation, 15 minutes of yoga asanas and 5 miutes of pranayama focusing on my breath throughout each movement, when I got home before I went to sleep. The pranayama consisted of alternating nostril breathing and a pattern of breathing counting 4 on the in breath, hold two, and counting eight on the out breath.

Day 18:

10 minutes of yoga asanas coordinating movement and breath . 15 minutes mindfulness meditation. 5 minutes pranayama consisting of alaternating nostril breathing and counting breaths. 


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