Session Time: 9:48-10:29 (41 minutes)

Began with the general invocation ‘The Anthem’ from Liber XV. Did this silent and internal as I was focussing on my prana. Sophia came to mind and love filled my heart. After the invocation, my inner flame began to shine bright in my heart centre, which I entered being the gate into the void. I lost awareness of my body for a few moments as it was filled with the presence of the Void- a living, aware force of pure Will. Meditated on the void for the remainder of the session.

Yesterday, Day 5, i’m counting as a miss, since my session was barely 10 minutes and I was interrupted.

An aspirant walking through the golden fields beneath the Moon, heading toward the rising Sun. A Scorpio, a poet, and lover of music dark and moody. My blood type is O negative, and i’m not sure how that relates to anything at all (unless you’re Japanese perhaps :p ). I have a strange sense of humor that can get a little dark. I love cats, storms, and places of Otherness where I can connect with the weirds of nature, such as woodlands, parks and cemeteries. Deeply interested in most aspects of magic and mysticism. Student of Qvareia, a modern magickal school.Very much interested in Feri Tradition. My spirituality is an important aspect of my life.

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