Well, I feel like have a routine going for this challenge. Mediate, breathing, movement in the P.M. and post about it the next day. However, the work itself feels pretty routine and lacks oomph (I like that word). I am fighting the urge though to change it up right now though because I think what I really need and what this challenge is about for me is to develop a disciplined daily practice and stick with it and get slow steady change over time rather than chasing the next complicated and exciting practice. Just simple and steady progress over time and just pay attention and not judge the boredom. That is just my monkey mind. 

Day 5 (July 5):

20 minute meditation. Back pain distracting. Tried to focus deeply on the pain. It let up a little bit. Mind all over the place.

10 minutes of asanas integrating movement and breath. My mind started to calm down. It is interesting that when I am just sitting my mind tends to scatter but when I am moving and breathing together it tends to focus.

10 minutes of pranayama:

A. Alternating nostril breathing

B. Count of inhale 4, hold 2, exhale 8.

C. Humming breath.

Pranayama felt soooo good. My mind was steady and my body felt light and suffused with energy. 


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