9:56-10:24p (28 mins)

Vision of the Void meditation again. Perhaps tomorrow the weather will allow for the walking meditation exercise I intend to do.

Anyway, used deep, full breaths throughout. Entered the loving and purifying flame at my core (in the heart), which is my source of vitality. After lingering there for a few moments, I passed through and into the Void. Mind wanted to wonder but I kept it focused. Had some wonderful insights and sensations while there. Was aware of the void as the place, if you will, where ALL emerges and ALL returns, of the container of all possibility, of the existence therein of my perfected self, and of the “mw” that is totally healthy: was aware that this was the womb-like expanse from which even the Gods and Goddesses are issued, and the infinitesimal point of Kether which is equal to the infinite perimeter.

An aspirant walking through the golden fields beneath the Moon, heading toward the rising Sun. A Scorpio, a poet, and lover of music dark and moody. My blood type is O negative, and i’m not sure how that relates to anything at all (unless you’re Japanese perhaps :p ). I have a strange sense of humor that can get a little dark. I love cats, storms, and places of Otherness where I can connect with the weirds of nature, such as woodlands, parks and cemeteries. Deeply interested in most aspects of magic and mysticism. Student of Qvareia, a modern magickal school.Very much interested in Feri Tradition. My spirituality is an important aspect of my life.

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