This post refers to work done yesterday July 2.

1. 20 minutes of mindfulness meditation focusing on body sensations and breath. Having done weeding and mulching a few hours earlier my back was sore so instead of siting upright on a zafu as usual, I meditated lying on my back. It is interesting to experiment with different mediation postures and see the different effects. Mediating on my back is very relaxing but there is always the danger of falling asleep. I focused on the soreness in my back, witnessing, not judging. It loosened up a little. Focusing on my breath the sensation was different then sitting upright. I could feel the pathway of the breath in my body more distinctly. Focusing on the breath going in and out from nostrils through belly and back created a lot of energy and I felt rejuvenated afterwards,

2. 5 minutes of pranayama: 

A. Alternate nostril breathing

B. Belly breathing

3. 5 Minutes of asanas while focusing on coordinating my breath with my movements.

Overall, very centering. Feels great. 


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