This post refers to work I did yesterday, July 1. Due to my schedule I will probably be posting a day after doing the work.

I am trying to really get back to basics. I did 20 minutes of mindfulness meditation. First I focused on my body sensations. It has been a stressful few weeks and my body felt tight in many places. I went deep into the tightness and focused on the sensation without judgement, just witnessing. Many but not all areas loosened up on there own. Started paying attention to my breath. At first there was a lot of mental chatter that I just noticed without getting too involved with it. After a while I became very still for a while longer until the meditation timer rang.

After the meditation I did some breath work for about five minutes. This consisted of deep diaphragmatic breathing while feeling the rising and lowering of my belly with my hand and then feeling the rib cage expand with my hands. This is to get a sense of the muscles involved in proper breathing and build sense memory. 

While still focusing on my breath, I got up and did about five minutes of yoga asanas while really concentrating on coordination my breath with my movement. 


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