So while I have re-assessing what happen with the walking challenge and my knee issues, I made a shit ton of decisions.  I kinda been really stumbling.   I have had a bunch of life success, but a few health setbacks.

Shit kinda got under my skin ( cause theres too much to do), and really I wasn’t able to keep things running,.. even decisions I have made recently ( last year), to delegate stuff, really has not worked out.

So with all that, it felt kinda like I was drowning.

So what do you do as magician, change shit.

Monday I start 3-4 times a week Tai Chi ( and Martial Tai chi , yes Tai chi can kick peoples ass).   I want to thank Zac Lui for helping me with talking to the people and making sure we matched the right teacher.  When you are an energy worker, the right energy of a Sifu makes alot more difference.  Shit makes a huge difference.  I will be running the shapeshifter course, but starting in September.  

Tai Chi with Gigong is an excellent way to rebuild shit if you get tired and overwhelmed.  I recently bought a house, and to be honest, making it happen burned me the fuck out.  I did alot of magic for clients most who weren’t that appreciative.  Who I want to do is do magic for people who take my courses.  They don’t have the charmed attitude and nor do they fuck up the magic ( such as like doing a get someone back in your life spell, and not changing your general behavior, then you got to work twice as hard).  There comes a point when rolling magic up the hill is the opposite of what you should be doing and realize ( and this includes many magicians), that if your not going to make changes to your life, you shouldn’t even pay someone to do any magic.    I did what I had to, and I paid for a home.  Fuck yeah.  But know its time to rebuild.