I have a final addendum I’d like to add to my posts for the meditation challenge, which I officially completed two weeks ago. 

On Day Five of my challenge I wrote this while meditating on my second chakra:

“Energetic waves struck my brow, and then a sudden vision emerged; absurdly, a single songbird on a branch appeared before me. This was not the kind of empty daydream imagery I’ve experienced on previous days. This was a palpable spiritual entity, one whose presence I could fully sense in my inner sphere. The songbird shifted into a larger crested form and began to sing. I felt something in my throat move, loosen, and then open in resonance with its song. Can chakras have spirit guides?

Suddenly, the bird vanished and the waves stopped…

I raced over to a local bookstore to meet a girl I had been talking to online. This was our first date. She turned out to be a serious devotee of kundalini practices, and needless to say, we had a lot to talk about. When we kissed at the end of the evening, the bliss waves rose from my genitals to my heart, heady as any drug.”


I am now in a committed relationship with the woman I raced over to meet that day.

The other evening, she told me – and she had been unaware of the challenge I had been involved in, or of my experience shortly before meeting her – that she had been having visions of songbirds in the weeks before she first met me.  In fact, the visions were so strong that someone she is involved in spiritual practice  with told her at one point that she could hear birds singing when the two of them meditated together!


Now that’s magic…