Big moving pieces in my world has been my excuse for not journaling but I’m hoping to log daily entries through the end of month.  I have been meditating twice daily for the past five days.  I even went into a high theta brainwave state during a 50 minute meditation a few nights ago.  Morning meditations have been focused on building up energy and overall waking my ass up.  


Currently, I’m in the process of moving back home with my family after taking a sabbatical (long, private conversation), gaining traction in a new job that could be a bridge to my next career, and running an internet business as part of a self-apprenticeship in what I’m calling Capitalism 101.  Additionally, I’m still doing the Shadow Self work (so it doesn’t go unignored setting me up to get bit in the ass later when life stressors want to throw me off) and trying to network with the few occultists brave enough to be open about it here in the dirty south.  


Tonight will be my last meditation in my apartment’s temple space.  Hoping it’s interesting like many of my recent journeys.  🙂  

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