Distracted meditations allow for practicing bringing it back on focus.  Last night, I was able to find some stillness by using the “Ganesh Bell” A-U-M technique covered by Andrieh in a blogpost earlier this year.  Actually intoning the mantra and letting it vibrate from my skull down to my belly (I can’t, as of yet, vibrate it down to my toes) has worked wonders on getting me less distracted and deeper into any given session.  This technique is now part of my arsenal.  Anyhow, last night, I used a variable onset Schumann protocol for 35 minutes.


This morning’s meditation I used a sub-delta protocol designed for chronic aches and pains.  The body got worked over in my first ever deep tissue massage yesterday, but my neck and shoulder muscles are already wanting to enter their usual “reality tunnel” of perma-tension.  Lying down and just focusing on a long inhalation-exhalation cycle and the pulsating audio strobe worked and I did NOT fall asleep during the 20 minute session.  Great stuff!

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