So lets ask some embarresing questions?

What time did you do the walking meditation?


Why Im not to happy about that?

So lets start with the shame.  I did the walk at 2:10 AM  yep, writting this at 3 am.  Yep.. so what this walking meditation is revealing is my time management sucks.  Usually it is great, but not lately.   Moving, school, client work, work, screwing with me

Today I went to microcenter at like 1, got lunch and its already 7 pm.  Most of that was to fix my shit for my fiance.  Needless to say, I had readings at 9 pm and then tried, and failed to make significant progress on homework.  I looked up, its 2.  Suck had.  Now its 3:15.  Double suck had.

So thats the why.  Obviously, I have a fair amount of client work magically speaking.  In some ways, I have to start turning down the work.  I need to prioritize this.

The last embarressing question was, have I EVEN got to walk in the forest since the first… answer NO.



So learning my lesson from yesterday, I started off with the LBRP.  I was able to make it for 30 minutes by throwing my shoulders back and walking.  Really, the mood has a tremendous impact on pain, so go figure… LBRP =>  much greater walking endurance for the knees.  I was able to walk … although where I live is a bit spooky at 2 am.  It’s a strange strange world.  Hit the stride for 30, and basically had a good zen walk ( dismissing thoughts and dissolving feelings).

I will try to keep prioritizing and changing the priorities to make it so I walk earlier.