Began the day by listening to yet another rapper rap about me and how i’m in the illuminati. Um, no i’m not you dumbass. But anyway. I did a daily trance where i was going in and out of trance, but didn’t get all the way in.

Later in the evening i got some ping pong balls at the dollar store, cut them in half and taped them over my eyes. With the lights out, i gazed into the balls while listening to a white noise generator i downloaded as an app. All i saw was the diffuse gray from the white of the ball interacting with the dark room. I also kept my hands on my chest in order to prevent feeling, which basically made my bed into a mock sensory deprivation tank. I then counted down from 100 and when my mind wandered i closed my eyes, giving me pitch black. I DID in fact see a vision, but it didn’t feel like a vision. It felt like a mind wandering daydream. So i refocused with my eyes open and again after about 10 minutes my mind wandered and i saw a vision. Again i took that as mental wandering, and i refocused. Then i went into trance and from there into sleep. I do not remember what i saw, it just felt like a typical dream. However, i woke up without any tired feeling, and from experience i know that means i was dreaming. I just don’t remember what happened.

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