Since I’ve had so much trouble staying in place while in astral form over the past few days, I decided to focus on that today. I used the same techniques to astral project as I have in the past few days along with diaphragmatic breathing. I went to my astral temple, sat down, and focused on staying there. I was surprisingly joined by three faceless children. They sat across from me. It was still a struggle. I was pulled to several different places and struggled to get back and stay in the temple. I was still able to stay in astral form for the full 30 minutes and continue to come back to the temple each time so it wasn’t a total loss. I’ve never been able to do that for so long prior to this challenge without the flu or kava kava. I’ve made a lot of gains throughout the challenge but did not quite get to where I had planned on going. I might keep this up for a few more days.