Simple meditation. I gazed a sigil of Lucifer again and listened to a waterfall behind me. After a few minutes the sigil began to move around, so i had a sync. I then became aware of movement and kept the movement awareness going, but i was only going in and out of trance, not into it and staying. So when i closed my eyes, i asked why am i not going in? And then i snapped out of it.

One said to try the Ganzfield effect by putting ping pong ball halves over your eyes and then shining a light on them to make the visual field diffused. Supposedly, doing that puts you into a hallucinatory state rather quickly, in about an hour. I made up my mind to try that the next day and called it a day.

That night i set my offline radionic machine for a trend unrelated to this program using sigils from a well-known grammar and THAT gave me dreams. All types of stuff happened, and at the end of the dream i clearly saw a black man break a stick into a sharp point. He was going to stab somebody but i pulled out a gun and i shot him in the head. I woke up just before the bullet hit him. I have had dreams like that before and i guess they’re back.

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