Over the course of this challenge, I have been thinking a lot about where I started in magic(k) about 12 years ago. I started by practicing pagan witchcraft and necromancy simultaneously. I loved both but never really saw how they fit together until now. Today, I realized that where I ended up in this challenge, talking with Ereshkigal at the border between life and death, was exactly where these two traditions intersected. What I thought was a random combination of interests years ago turned out to have led me to a not so random place. I’ve been there before but I’ve never made that connection.

I decided to repeat the exercise I did yesterday. I found it much easier to stay in astral form this time and was only pulled back a few times within the first 10ish minutes. However, focusing within astral form was pretty tough. I had to work hard just to stay in place and was pulled to other worlds on several occasions. I couldn’t focus well enough to hold a conversation this time so I just sat at the border and looked over at Ereshkigal and her wonderfully macabre home. Even though we couldn’t talk much, I really enjoyed being there. Again, I returned to my body very relaxed and happy!