Day 27 – first day with Gusion

I’m really don’t now know happened today, but my body was just frozen, wouldn’t move at all. Which was fine by me, I got in a deep trance. And time just flew by, before I knew what had happened the 30 minutes has passed.

Things I noticed/was shown
-there was the outline of a tall skinny face in my sphere
-I was shown a possible future between me and a friend of mine, and also what my true feelings in regarding some of the past correspondence between me and her
-the top left candle flickered every time I looked into the sphere
-the room spinning again the first time I looked into the sphere and I got tunnel vision, so all I could see was the center of the sphere

****dream update****

In my dreams I was questions a lot in why I did the things I did and for whom. It made me realize that I sometimes need the slow down, and think about if the things I feel the urge to do, if they really are that necessary.

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