As planned, I started with astral work today. I had this weird idea that I should go to my astral temple, bring the candle I’d been using for prior meditations and meditate on it in astral form to maintain consistency. That didn’t really work out. 

I lit the candle and another one I typically use for astral work on the table beside me. I did some progressive muscle relaxation with diaphragmatic breathing and spinning to get into a trance, lay down, closed my eyes, and saw a spinning vortex of colorful light leaving my torso. I created a doorway in my ceiling and left towards my astral temple in the stars. 

I made it to my astral temple but was almost immediately drawn back into my body because I had an itch. I was able to get back out and to my astral temple and then the process repeated itself continuously for the first 20 min. The last 10 minutes went kind of better. I was able to stay out of my body but I was tired by that point and lost conscious control of where I was going. I ended up on what looked like a wheat farm. I stayed there and just walked around for the remainder of the meditation, which seemed to last for much longer than 10 minutes. I was surprised when I got back and looked at the clock. I guess I’m going to tweak things a bit and try again tomorrow. Hopefully I’ll keep improving.