I meditated on the image of a candle again. I lit the candle, looked at it briefly, then closed my eyes and focused on my memory of it. I did the meditation lying down and used Hermetic-style breathing again. I did the previous meditations of this type at my friend’s quiet country house but this time I was at my apartment on the highway. It was tough adjusting to the constant noise. I rushed through the first half of the meditation a bit too much. I wanted to get to where I ended up yesterday and I tried to force it, which I realized was a mistake. The images I was seeing in the flame were artificial and kind of boring. I forced myself to zoom out and focus on the physical attributes of the candle until I the image was stable enough that I could refocus on the flame. I eventually was able to naturally get back to the image of the flame as portals and was able to get a glimpse of different worlds within the flame. I wanted to keep it at a glimpse, so every time I saw one, I forced myself to zoom out and refocus on the physical attributes of the candle again. It worked pretty well. I think I’m ready to move on to astral work tomorrow.