Day 22 – again I’ve tried connecting to my dragons, but today they didn’t semmed to want to talk to me. I didn’t very from them. Only the flow of energy from my hands and into the skulls. But the funny thing happened, during the meditation, I felt like something was bitting my ancle, at first I tries ignoring it, but the feeling kept going. As an experiment I voiced out with my mind “stop biting me, stop biting me now!!” and the feeling disappeared. But at least they are no longer trying to harm me.

I have a suspicioun that the dragons will visit me in my dreams again tonight.

This might be the last Dragon meditation for this challenge, but I haven’t made up my mind yet about that.

Only did 28 minuts today, then things started making notices in my room, don’t know what. There were also some things that makes noices yesterday, but today it was louder.
Mostly furniture making cracking sounds like something is leaning against them

And no we don’t have ghost, if I would have to make a guess, I’ll guess that it’s the Dragon that are playing tricks on me. Since it hasn’t happened earlier during the challenge.

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