Day 21 – back on Dragon meditation. This time without pain and discomfort. But the center of my palm was oozing warm energy, come to think of it, I had the center of my palm resting on the Dragon skulls. My hands are still feeling weird while I write this.

During the meditation there was some chatter, but for the first time I was able to push it away with a deep breath and refocus on the skulls. I also had a dragon skull pendant around my neck, at first it felt warm and heavy, but that soon stopped and only after the meditation was over could I feel the chain around my neck again.

I tried reaching out to the skull with my mind, asking them to come forth and show them selfs to me, which resulted my hands were “pushed” away from the skulls and onto my legs. And they remained there for the remaining time. I lost track of time and space and felt like I was sitting in a empty void.

While I was there, I got some images of two Dragon laying my desk, they were wwwaaayyy to big for the desk, but somehow seemed to fit anyway.

All in all a very pleasant and powerfull session.

******* update ********
I’ve dreamt a lot about dragons last night, they’ve shown and told me a lot of things, sadly most of them I can’t remember. But some of them I recall as they were helping my son with his pain and that they have heard me.

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