My original plan was to start on astral work today but as I’ve made my way through the rest of the meditations, I realized that I still need more practice sustaining my focus while staying still and not falling asleep. I decided to slow down a bit and just focus on internal stimuli for at least the next five days. Since I spent a lot of time meditating on a candle flame during this challenge, it seemed like a good place to start. I used Hermetic-style breathing and kept my eyes closed. I ended up spending most of my time focusing on the wax and mentally embellishing on the details within the drippings. I had a few more memories about important points along my magic(k)al path again. I’m still not sure if those thoughts are interfering with my meditations or a part of them. Otherwise, I maintained focus for the majority of the meditation and did not come close to falling asleep, which will be the hardest part of this leg of the challenge for me. It was a good meditation session.