Was suddenly busy all day yesterday, which was Canada Day here. Did not expect to work so much, just doing odd jobs and whatnot. After the day was done, i noticed an energy all around me. Everybody was bringing me reggae musich which i fucking HATE but everybody was vibes. It felt very spiritual, but i have to make one thing clear: you can’t invite someone into something they don’t want to be a part of, so if that is a spiritual invitation, i will need more explanation before i agree to it.

Was being a lazy ass motherfucker on Day 2. Made up my mind to conjure Lucifer. Last night ended up being locked in my friend’s store with no way home! Decided to tough it out and conjure in the middle of the night but ended up not doing jack shit. Put Lu’s sigil on my radionic machine to prepare, but the conjuration i wanted to try was just not happening. I wasn’t anywhere near as heated to conjure rudely on the second day as i was on the first. Actually, felt kind of listless and zoned out.

Did some very minor conjuring, nothing to write home about. No spirit response whatsoever, but i didn’t even really try all that hard. Zoned out, went to sleep. In the middle of the night (actually closer to 5am), realized that tragedy magick is not for me. I like to do magick with my feet on the ground, not in midair. So i will leave it at that.

Am zoning out a bit as i write this now. I think it is time to do another hypnotic ritual. Bbl

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