I tried dancing again today but with reverse-chi breathing. I had lots of energy and found myself in a trance-like state for a decent part of the meditation. I think I could’ve continued beyond the 30 min, but my body temperature had risen too much and that made it difficult to continue dancing. It went back to normal as soon as I stopped. I didn’t experience much of my mind trying to describe my experience with this meditation. I did have some of what I thought were random thoughts throughout the meditation but about 20 minutes in, I realized that most of the thoughts I had over the past few meditations were not so random. They were all memories I had and lessons I’ve learned throughout my journey with magic(k). Particularly, they were moments where I had to make decisions that led me to where I am now on my path. I’m starting to wonder if these were actually intrusive thoughts that slipped through or if these were some of the outcomes of the meditation. I guess I’ll continue to track it and see what I find.