I’ve been feeling a bit stuck these past two days. I feel like I’ve had some big successes with the fire scrying and the centipede and I’ve spent way too much time trying to think up something more fantastic to top those experiences. I hadn’t been able to think of anything to do today when I started to get sleepy and realized I had to get a meditation in soon or I would have nothing. I had a Super 7 crystal around my neck so I just decided to stare at it for 30 min. I focused on observing the details without putting them into words. I used diaphragmatic breathing and listened to a drumming recording to help drown out my thoughts. I had to switch positions a lot and ended up finding that I did best standing. It was really hard to prevent myself from naming what I saw and from imagining the little color variations etc. as forming some sort of picture that I could easily describe in words. I slipped up A LOT and was very distracted. I ended up realizing that I’ve been searching for a bigger and better thing to do when really, it’s the simplest things that I am struggling with most. I need to go back to my plan and take things slow.