I was feeling a bit depleted today after yesterday’s emotionally intense meditation so I went back to fire scrying. I started thinking last time that perhaps my tendency to mentally name what I see in the flames might be restricting the possibilities of what I have been able to see. Today I made a concerted effort to stop naming. Unfortunately, I could not seem to keep my mind quiet, so I decided to allow the running commentary about the meditation process to return so I could experiment with allowing images to pass through unnamed. I used Hermetic style breathing and a half-lotus position again. 

As expected, as soon as I was able to stop naming what I saw, the images went from being things within the normal range of human experience (e.g., faces, animals, plants) to fantastical images that I cannot adequately describe in words. It would’ve been nice to be able to silence my mind completely but this experience has taught me to prioritize my meditation goals a bit better. Last time I did this, my mind felt quieter but I guess the nature of what was going through it was disrupting the outcome.