Day 15 – Dragons and drums. I took another session with the drum meditation. And I’m I glad I did that.

Again little to none chatter. I just look into the candles. After some time I noticed that a face started appearing in the stand that I used for my obsidian sphere, a face of a dragon. At first it looked to the left, I closed my eyes and try to visualize the Dragon in my mind – no luck, opened my eyes and the Dragon faces has turned en little towards me, I tried to focus on the Dragon to see if I rearrange the patterns so the face looked left again, nope…..couldn’t do it, it has really turned its attention towards me. I kept focusing at the Dragon trying to see if it had any message to me, nothing came. I then closed my eye again to once more try and visualize the Dragon…….nope wouldn’t come. When I opened my eyes again, the Dragon has now turned all the way and was facing me full on. Refocusing and trying to rearrange patterns didn’t help………I sat in my chair looking at the face of a dragon which has appeared from the patterns in my obsidian sphere stand!!!!!

Guees i need to look more into this.

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