Day 13 – Dragon meditation. Well well that was different. I startet with some light meditation before I turned my attention towards my dragons. Then held them in my hands and then things started happening. The blue one got very heavy and was vibrating violently, the black one was very varm and I felt like it was sending electricity into my hand. That went on for about 10 minutes or so, during that time the vibration and sense of varmth and heaviness got stronger and stronger at the end it almost became painfull. Things started calming down and I was shown at lot of images, I also was shown sometimes currently happening in my life and what I’m doing wrong and I see now that I need to approach certain people differently. Some time went by and I put the skulls on the desk and placed my index finger in their horns and things started going crazy again. Both skull seemed wanting to either burn or electrocute me. Either way I felt like I was touching a electric fence made of fire. Stubborn as I am I didn’t want to remove my finger, but instead I told them that I wasn’t going to hurt them. The pain stopped somewhat and instead it felt like something holding unto my fingers tight, very tight. I can still feel it.

Even tough there was a lot of distracting images and chatter during the meditation, I’m still calling it a success.

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