That was basically my ritual conjuration for June 30, 2015.

For my preparation, i continued my study on ICCHP’s introductory hypnotism board rather than posting here. To complete my study there, i had to write 8 opinion pieces for each of their 8 modules on different parts of hypnotism. For my opinion pieces, i read a bunch of books on hypnotism and mesmerism. I also had a pact i wrote with Dantalion in May to show me the method of doing hypnotic trance, and the results would be published in a book this month (July).

From what i have learned, hypnotism happens over the course of two different communication processes which break down into other subprocesses. The first of those processes is what i call Directional Conversation, and that breaks down into hypnotic interviewing, a hypnotic switch, and hypnotic preconditioning. Over the course of my study i pondered what would end up becoming something like a full Directional Conversation with myself over my aims and goals for this challenge. My switch was to decide to do it, and my preconditioning took place over the course of the last two weeks with me practicing doing freestyle hypnotic inductions and deepeners to see if i could induct a hypnotic state quickly and easily, and also figure out how deep i could go in doing so.

For my first day of this challenge (also, coincidentally or not, the last day of my Dantalion pact), i reviewed my request and realized something important was MISSING! As usual, began a working on the wrong foot.

I decided to do my first meditation at night. Read that doing a hypnotic induction before bed lets a deepener take you directly into lucid dreaming and decided let me make it easy to do this one.

Began my hypnotic meditation. Super-simplified hypnotic engagement is made up of : fixation, breathing, induction, and a deepener. Fixation and breathing are the concentration that precedes hypnosis. Induction is to lock into that consciousness, and a deepener is to hold that consciousness while also being aware of a movement. It really is THAT simple.

For my fixation, i used a point on the ceiling. As soon as i began breathing my eyes went blurry. Luckily for me, i recognized that and switched to focusing on the dark of my closed eyes. No more focusing problem, which has plagued me for ages. I then drew my attention to an awareness of the floor beneath me, and imagined a giant windshield wiper wiping the entire floor in one shot. I repeated that wiping feeling going back and forth over the floor for a minute or so, and then began to move it around me clockwise up the left wall, across the ceiling, and down the right wall, then along other walls which is in line with the movement of the banishing Christopher Mace describes in Stealing The Fire From Heaven, but with a broader stroke and more square enclosure. During that time i simplified even more and began to call Lucifer in a not so respectful way. Basically i told him i’m tired of this shit, stop messing around and come through.

Went in and out of consciousness during the night. I had a bunch of different dreams and in each one of them something would interfere, taking me out of the dreamstate into full awakening. Sometimes with a jolt. It didn’t feel like a lucid dream, rather it felt like a fitful sleep or a dream interrupted. Can’t say this was any different than anything i’ve been through up til now.

Some wierd thing was preventing me from getting into the dreamstate. I was having a hell of a time concentrating before i did this one ritual, and when i went into dreams that thing kept interfereing with me and pushing me out of dreams. I ended up attacking the damn thing during one of those episodes and woke up with the name Tixibra, which of course has no meaning to me that i know of. When i looked it up yesterday, it seems that tixibra is one of the words in the voynich manuscript, which on another blog i suggested may have been partially inspired by Dantalion, but since i fail to se the connection let’s continue on.

Did not gain full contact with Lucifer. Onto day 2.

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