So we are going to start off with some simple exercises.   I haven’t finished moving yet, so my research is hard to fit the time in ( well and other stuff).

Today walked about a mile.  I simply tried to measure my cadance of walking, look up, and keep my breathing as deep as possible for the walk.  I would use the technique of letting thoughts go.

This is suprising simple way to relax.  I sat down after my walk and nearly passed out ( because I was so relaxed) and my body is so stressed out.

I wanted to boost the Gigong elements but there are a few techniques combined in one.

1)  Basic Zen, focus on breath.  Let the stray thoughts go.

2)  Focused on extending breath ( Qigong, this is actually harder then it seems, and when you get tired, your breath will shorten, forcing this to expand and deepen is a real but effective Qigong technique).

3)  Looking up at horizon, focuses the body on visual not feelings cues.  It effectively will as you walk or hike longer, dull any muscle fatique.


Will work out more later.