Right so, even a change of walking meditations has forced me to admit more then a few things.

1st, even the research is hard.  I started and am leveraging work and school again.   I haven’t had time to actually read the materials.  Here I sit, its Thursday, I have homework and I haven’t really read much.

Theres alot of actual problems I had to use magic to correct and life changes.

  1. The neighborhood I used to live in is safe, but really its a dense urban environmentally.  I just couldn’t walk around at night without full attention.
  2. I been having a few health issues
  3. work has really been killing me, and I was doing way too much magic for clients ( further really killing me).
  4. Time sucks
  5. Walking meditations are just not something I usually do.

Now for point one.  I bought a house.  Yep..  This was actually one of the problems and solutions.  The neighborhood I lived in was not safe enough to walk around without full attention.  Thats most of Cleveland really, but now I live in  lakewood.   Which even if I get home at 10:30 at fucking night, well its safe enough.  To do it I was working my ass off, taking as many readings as possible and doing alot of magical work.  I think I made like  5000-10000 extra in like 2 months from client work, side jobs and busting ass.

Second, work stresses are a real problem.  That’s where the health problems are coming in.  I am working back channel routes for  that ( aka looking for new work).  I need to move toward less stress.  I have been quite aggressive about magically removing ( and yes that is what it is), stressors internal and out.  Lots of NLP work, life re-hashing.

The time suck, well its just a matter of dealing with it and properly scheduling shit.  So I am sitting down with a hour by hour sheet staring at it, trying to make time for shit.  Plus I realize I am not really as focused as I should be…

But you know what, I have a fucking yard now, so I can do more now.  As far as the client work, back to 2 readings or 1 spellwork a week and thats it for clients  Then I dont burn myself out as much.  

and will be dedicating a half our or more.  This weekend I have to move shit, but will try to do the research for 30 minutes a day and get the shit together.  Ideally the walking meditations, once I work them out will be augmented with Gigong and taichi ( looking for a sifu).