I am so stoked to start the 30 Day Challenge tomorrow morning. I meditate daily and have done so for several years so I am taking advantage of this challenge to shake things up a bit. I will continue mindfulness since it provides great mental hygiene but I’m also doing some specific magical meditation too for the Challenge:

1) New Intention: For the four weeks of July, I will be creating and developing tools in my astral workshop. I’m starting with an oyster shell, modeling a physical one that has personal significance. I’ll be creating an astral duplicate then morphing it into a chalice during coming days. I will create a new tool each week and I plan to use them all in a ritual on the final day of the month;

2) New Location: My mindfulness practice occurs in a specific chair so I’m doing the Challenge work in the basement, where I do other creative energy work. It is cool and dark and should recall other workings.

3) New Posture: I intend to do the Challenge in a specific posture in order to anchor the state physically. I had hoped to build a zafu for this position but haven’t yet. 

Since meditation tends to be very visually productive, I have set aside a journal for sketching the images. I imagine 30 minutes of meditation with a good 10 minutes of journaling and sketching.

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