Sat after running today. Even at 9 a.m., it was brutal outside and I am going to have to adjust to running with the sun down below the horizon on these hellish days.

The sheer physical exhaustion, though, provided me with a good meditation session. As did the mental exhilaration of “I did it!”. Hooray success momentum!

As I sat, my muscles began relaxing and melting into each breath exhaled. My mind was calmer and not as distractable by random thoughts, as well. Once I caught myself narrating the process and questioned that. The answer came back that I didn’t want to forget the experience and process, and I answered myself with “Trust yourself.” I did and let myself fully go into focus and stillness as I just sat and breathed.

Halfway through the sitting, I was aware of my palms filling and tingling with energy. I closed the session normally after 18 minutes.

Looking forward to next week, it is the last week of school before summer holiday begins. I am going to continue working with the first Quareia mediation exercise for this week. I will then begin adding the second exercise to the first on the 21st.

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