Today, I completed the challenge. This magical challenge, anyway. If one is serious about magic, the challenges never end; the Dalai Lama meditates four hours a day and quite probably has been doing so for many lifetimes – it’s a safe bet the rest of us will have to keep working at it past this thirty day period if we want to see continuing, meaningful progress. 

My session itself was a bit fractured in the first half, with my mind wandering to the events of the day and plans for the evening, but I was happy to see it stabilize somewhat in the second portion of the session.  After a month I’ve developed a pretty good sense of what a half hour’s meditation feels like, and I wasn’t surprised at all to get up at exactly the 30 minute mark.

Last time I tried one of Andrieh’s challenges I was laid off from a job I had worked at for over seven years on day one, and the running theme of that 30 day period was dealing with the realities of unemployment.  This time around, the challenge for me seems to have largely been about dealing with suppressed emotions. During some of the more intense shamanic/visionary portions of the challenge, I became cognizant of how my deepest energetic blockages at my throat were a product of repressed anger directed at aspects of my religious upbringing.  (Interestingly, issues involving my throat came up in the last of Andrieh’s challenges I did as well.)  Job uncertainties reappeared and, although they resolved themselves, forced me to confront buried anxieties related to the long period of unemployment which began when I started the earlier challenge.  And of course, early in the 30 days I had the incredible good fortune of meeting a truly lovely woman – who I am pleased to say formally referred to me as her boyfriend for the very first time on this last day of the challenge –  a circumstance which brought up personal insecurities related to my previous romantic relationships and deeper feelings of self doubt.  Some of the layers of these issues were dissolved quite dramatically through the meditative practices I engaged in during the challenge.  Other aspects of these issues may take the rest of my life, or beyond, to fully release.

So – a lot of insight, some fear and pain, and a lot of reward.  

I would say that that is exactly how magic, and life, are supposed to work.