For the third day in a row, I used the mantra with the intent of working on whatever was most appropriate for me. 

I immediately felt my awareness move to my throat, then upwards to my ajna or brow chakra. My awareness looped between the throat and ajna for a few minutes and for an instant I had a vision of a small furred rodent. 

My awareness moved downwards to my throat and then to my heart chakra. It looped between the two for a few minutes then settled at my heart.  A sense of pulsation developed. 

I was suddenly overwhelmed by a vision of Ganesha’s psychic presence within my heart chakra.  I keep an active Ganesh altar, and honestly, once I saw the rodent I had a feeling his presence would soon manifest. (Ganesha’s varna, or mount, is a mouse.)  I was, however, quite literally bowled over by the strength and immediacy of the vision.

I felt a deep sense of his divine grace and love at my heart, at once godlike, gentle, and bestial, and experienced a huge opening there.  A calm joy, like a Buddha smile, grew within me.

I sat with that for a while, then experienced another pulsating movement at my heart, then another strong opening. I experienced a kind of subtle luminescence in the chakra, and had a deeper sense of how the mantra I was using was connected to one of the infinite facets of divinity man has experienced – or perhaps co-created – with the power of imagination.

After 3o minutes, I got up.