I once again used the mantra with the open intent of working on whatever issue, energy system, or physical organ is most appropriate. No dozing off today, thankfully. 

The session started with awareness moved to my vishuddi or throat chakra. I could feel a lot of anger and irritation stored there. The mantric consciousness pattern seemed to work very gently there today, with more of a sense of sweeping up happening than intense release. 

My awareness then moved downwards.  The whole front end of my body seemed to light up, but there was a sense of a flow of awareness like a light waterfall starting at the throat and going downwards.  This continued for some time.  I experienced a very mild gagging, like a vomit reflex being lightly triggered, and a certain clearing of something like a buried nausea pattern. I stayed in that downwards flow of awareness for quite a while, and become cognizant of a certain layer of emotional revulsion within my system. This seemed to thin a bit as the session commenced, and after 33 minutes I got up.