I I got the word today that my work contract would be extended for the rest of the year.  Quite a relief, since there was a real possibility that I would be laid off next week.  Considering I was laid off the first day of the last of these challenges I took, the possibility of getting laid off again while doing my second seemed a real fear.

Today I channeled the mantra with the intent that it work on “whatever issue, energy system, or physical organ would be most appropriate to work on now.”

I sat in a cross-legged position, closed my eyes, had a vision of trees, and the next thing I knew, I was feeling groggy and half-awake. 

I had fallen completely asleep almost instantly.  Embarrassing.

I tried again and felt awareness pulled deep into my manipura or solar plexus chakra.  I could feel waves of consciousness move upward from the solar plexus to my crown.  This went on for a while, and I then felt awareness drawn to my vishuddi or throat chakra.  I got a sense of pressure there and felt like I was being drawn deeply within. My sense is that the issue involved  expressing anger, and the blocks I have against open shows of temper.  As I went deeper within the throat I could feel how a lot of the irritation I’ve experienced there had built up over not expressing anger when appropriate.