My plan was to spend seven days working on “whatever issue most impacted my ability to do magic effectively.”  Today would have been day six of such.  However, when I used the mantra today with that in mind, nothing happened. I sat for quite a while, and to best of my perception, the mantra’s vibratory consciousness pattern didn’t manifest at all within my system.


I took that to mean that I had learned the message I needed to learn regarding that issue and decided to move on.  I channeled the mantra with the intent to work on the “physical organ which most needed it.”  The idea here is that physical organs have a kind of rudimentary consciousness which can be distorted by trauma and emotional upheaval, and this can be worked on directly by mantra.


I felt my lower intestines light up immediately.  


Not too surprising.  A lot of crap gets stored down there.  


After a period of some time, I felt something like a knot bound around my intestines loosen and give.  Then I experienced something like a faint wave of deeply buried nausea in intestinal area dissipate and clear.  I sat in that for a long while, and eventually felt as though some construction in my intestines was softening.  When I got up, 45 minutes had passed.