I once again used the mantra with the intent to work on the issue most impacting my ability to do magic effectively. My awareness was brought to my throat, where I felt a certain irritation. The mantric consciousness pattern kept pulling me down from my throat to my  belly, then back. This continued for some time. It felt very different from when I looked at this issue on earlier days and experienced it as a kind of fear point at my belly.  

I let the pattern I was experiencing play out for a long while, but I was a bit baffled by how differently I was experiencing the issue than in previous days, so I ended the session somewhat differently by creating a reflective mirror in consciousness. This is a Vortex Healing technique, or if you prefer, a spell, where you channel an energetic structure to temporarily increase the strength of an issue as it sits within consciousness as a way of getting awareness more fully into it. The reflective mirror showed me a kind of angry tension at my throat which connected into some kind of nervousness at my belly. I was able to experience the way the two emotional chords are interlinked in my system, but I’m still struggling for the language to use the describe the issue as a whole.