Once again, I got up at first light this morning, so I started the morning with today’s meditation session. I am still working on grief as an issue, specifically the grief pattern I first noticed when working on my throat and which seems to be run through my belly to my throat. This seems like a significant emotional issue. Normally, if I encountered a significant emotional issue, I would be doing energy work to break through it’s layering in my subtle body; however, for purposes of this challenge I am demonstrating how one can work through personal issues by using an empowered mantra. 

Meditation cycled awareness between my throat and my belly for the first portion of the session. Interestingly, I could feel awareness moving to the peripheries of my belly, not its center; that either means I’m still working through outer layers of the issue or, oddly, it’s not stored in the center of the belly. (My sense is that the latter is the case.) Beneath accumulations of grief I could feel emotional pain from some past trauma wanting to come out.


After a time everything went silent. I sat in that and then felt a single line running from my throat to my belly light up. That continued for some time, with that sensation increasing steadily.  Something then gave way and I felt a large release at my throat.  That seemed like a good place to stop. About 47 minutes had passed. 


Interestingly, I’ve noticed that it seems easier to sit comfortably for longer periods in the morning. Has anyone else had this experience?