On day 12 of the challenge I described experiencing a lot of emotional conditioning arising at the throat. I experienced it again this morning, this time as spontaneous grief, so today I decided to target the mantra on “grief issues arising at my throat.”

Sleepiness was a real challenge today for the first time in a while.  Odd because today is Sunday and I actually was able to sleep in a bit. I kept dozing off during practice.  I was tempted to call it a wash several times during the session, but kept struggling through.

The mantra put my awareness into the lower part of my throat, a bit below the vishudda or throat chakra. I stayed there for some time, then felt my awareness drawn to my belly. I felt a slight calming there, then my attention was pushed back to the lower part of the throat. This cycle repeated, and then my system was silent for a while.  Afterwards I felt my focus moved from the lower part of the throat to the heart, where it looped around repeatedly.  By this time I was genuinely about to pass out, so I called it a session at what turned out to be 29 minutes and took a nap.