A lot of resistance to practice today. Met the girl I started dating again last night, and honestly, looking in her eyes is proving a lot more magical than any sequence of rituals.  But, of course, these are all excuses the mind uses to avoid discipline, so in the evening I sat down for meditation. 

I used the mantra at my throat chakra, and immediately was pulled into blockages there, which felt like lumps in my neck.  I sat with the mantra for some time, feeling gentle releases at the throat like soft squeezes. Twice, I felt something in my belly loosen, and at one point I felt something like a connection move downwards from my throat to my heart. These movements were all quite soft and subtle.

Towards the end of my session I felt my throat chakra move in connection with my third eye.  Inner vision opened up and I saw myself underwater at sea.  It was a quick transition to something like a dream and faded equally quickly.  When I got up 33 minutes had passed.