I quite literally got up at the crack of dawn today, so I switched up and practiced first thing in the morning. I used the mantra for meditative embodiment. It was very tough feeling its’ pattern manifest in my system; I’m normally good at this sort of thing, but maybe I’m not as used to doing it so early. Didn’t sense any shift for a while, so it was more like silent meditation for about half the session. Eventually I did feel something start to subtly guide me to the core of my being. I felt rather distracted during the session, so working with the movement was tough, but I was eventually able to find a place of identitylessness within. When I got up about 43 minutes had passed.  

Today at work I sensed a certain agitation at my throat chakra.  I tuned into it and was surprised to experience huge waves of grief, all sorts of leftover conditioning from my childhood.  I divined during a break and got a sense it would be a good idea to spend the next several days of the challenge doing further work on that area.