Yesterday I experienced some anxiety. I spent a good portion of today dealing with it through walks in sunshine, staying away from sugar, and focussed energy work. (The latter falls outside of the scope of this challenge.)  I did feel less stressed, and I decided I liked the idea of working on more emotional issues. 

Today I used the mantra with the intent on working on where I hold my deepest worries.  I immediately felt my focus shift to my gut,which softly lit up. After some time I was surprised to feel that it suddenly got calmer. No spasms, no odd movements, just a sudden calming deep in the gut. 

I kept this up and felt my crown chakra open a bit. There was another calming movement in my gut, but this time I felt that calming as some very subtle motion and release along the chakra system, moving up through the crown. I was pleased to note that my chakra system as a whole felt much softer. There was still some stiffness at the throat, but the chakras as a whole felt softer and less tense. 

I experienced one more movement like that and got up after 30 minutes.