So for my penultimate day of the meditation challenge, I wanted to see how quick I could into a deep state and stay there. No third-eye or pore breathing, just pure get-into-deep-gnosis-and-stay-there kind of session.

It was a reasonable success. Using various breathing techniques I learned and adapted from HoCM, I was able to zone down pretty quickly. I wasn’t watching a clock, but in my subjective time it seemed fast. My mind wondered periodically, but I maintained the physical sensations that I’ve learned this month to associate with that state. 

This was one my goals actually. Like so many others, I got into chaos magic because of Grant Morrison’s The Invisibles. A little time on the ‘net and I found out more about the “wank” method and after reading Liber Null and Psychonaut I learned about a bunch of other ways to achieve gnosis. I’ve always had more success with the excitatory ways than the inhibitory ways, especially pure meditation. I had some success at magic with meditation and sigils, but nothing like excitatory when I have a better sense of when a sigil is fired. I have used mantras, swaying, hissing, and other non-excitation states, but just sitting and meditating was a block most of the time.

Now, since I’ve been using techniques from Runesoup my sigil magic has been bumped up a notch, and I’ve been using meditation for charging, but I was only able to do one shoaled group at a time. Now I think I’ll have the stamina and confidence to do more.


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