I’ve chosen earth to be the theme of my meditation. As an highly air-like person, it seems to be the grounding and rooting that I lack most at this point in my life. Much of the work expected in this 30 day will be back to basics through standing and sitting postures of qigong with the focus on earth and rooting. The idea is to about to flow the earth energy more fluidly and add another aspect to this air-like quality.

The feature image is one that resonates greatly with me since it is my intent to grow my foundations and roots while maintaining an air like state. Particularly, the long grown roots that nurtures and supports the tree is what I’m developing in this earth meditation challenge.

Methodology of this is fairly straightforward, simply ground and root while doing standard qigong stances. Will also adjust and incorporate sitting postures as needed, particularly in the start where I’m still building base.


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