Time Duration: 40-45 min

Practice: Ch’an/Zen meditation – moving form

Reflection: Got right back into the full form today. Got things moving, did some multi-tasking in the practice. First I was practicing the movements then I was aiming for a Ch’an mindset. I find with Shaolin forms generally they tap me right into a Ch’an mindstate even if there are lots of physical movements. No thinking..just feeling and being present. Overall for the practice today I feel tingly, stretched and warm. I’m going have to review the forms more on the side to get the nuances however..it feels good coming back to this.

Along with that, more technically on the meditation aspects, I found I unconsciously though I was fully conscious went into the Ch’an zone, however since I wasn’t as internally focused it just diffused through the physical forms. Results are the same though..highly alert yet relaxed.