Time Duration: 30 min

Practice: Ch’an/Zen meditation – lying down

Reflection: Starting to find where that zone is for myself. Getting tactile/visceral cues where things are. Today I had a humming sensation throughout the whole body however it also felt like I was doing a cleansing exercise energetically. In Ch’an/Zen is very much like a dance between yourself- you can’t be too tense, but can’t be too relaxed either mentally or physically. Once I hit a certain point things just went silent and I noticed the thoughts disappear. From there I went to see how deep the silence was and kept scanning internally to notice if there was any connecting points keeping thought processes/tension in the body. Things kept popping up and I kept following the same procedure. When I went to check the time it was about 3 min left, however I moved around physically while still aiming to keep the state of mind the same. It wasn’t too difficult however I did have to callibrate it since it was different slightly.