Time Duration: 30 min

Practice: Ch’an/Zen meditation – standing / dynamic variation

Reflection: Its great getting back to standing postures. I don’t think I’ll be practicing them everyday for this challenge, but who knows. Intially started by doing a neutral standing posture (aimed to balance the body), from there I took the standing postures to work on stretching out the shoulders/shoulder blades. Being a Ch’an/Zen variation I was mostly just noticing what was popping up- eventually the thoughts disappeared and was silent. However, soon as that went through the body started to do quick physical releases via tendons/muscles/fascia. At certain points the muscles started doing a dynamic push/pull release and ended pulsating various areas in the body to quicken the fascia/muscle chain releases.

I did put on some music just as a time gauge, however I was fairly tranced out. Coming out of it- I walked abit to shake off the tingling while keeping a Ch’an/Zen mindset- being aware of things internally and externally simutaneously.