Time Duration: 35-45 min

Practice: Ch’an/Zen meditation – Reiki/walking-lying

Reflection: Give how I felt today I thought I’d combine Reiki with the Ch’an meditation. Reiki is coming from a Buddhist-Shinto background, so to focus on the symbols in the system would be considered a one-point focus Ch’an meditation. Tuning up..it was about 15-25 min I lost track, however eventually I got the impression to stop since I covered what was needed. It was by this time my body very hot- to the point I felt temperature wise I was radiating heat. 

Coming out of that..I didn’t know how much time passed so I threw in another 14 min to just cover my basis for work done today. Intially starting in a lying posture, I switched to a walking Ch’an meditation to help ground the body and then focused on abdominal breathing to further it.