This is many just a Status report for myself while I work on some good methods of walking meditation.

Read 40+ pages of Breathwalk: Breathing Your Way to a Revitalized Body, Mind and Spirit … 

Usable techniques: 0   Endless fluff Words:   MANY 

The other book I was trying to get, the author fails the asshole test.  Generally speaking, I will not work with materials if the author is an asshole as I define it.   Sorry, there is just enough other materials, that I just won’t do it.    I have enough materials from people who are not assholes that I re-sell any books when people are jerks.  The personality does carry in to the interpretation of the work, and often is seen in lots of dickish instructions that are just self-gradulizing… nope.

So my research to go back and get into some hard and tested techniques, is only going so well 🙁